Father of the bride sees her daughter wedding dress for the first time during the wedding day at Old Thorns Hotel wedding venue in Liphook, Hampshire

If you're trying to find a wedding photographer near you or a wedding photographer in England, Wales or Scotland I would really recommend you to have a look at their whole portfolio so you can have a clear idea about the wedding photography style you do really like (you can see my portfolio below).

If you're looking for a traditional wedding photographer then candid or natural wedding photography might not be for you. Traditional wedding photographers in my opinion like a lot of posed photos which I don't really like as I do think is quite disruptive and not ideal for your wedding day. I do prefer a more natural, organic and not posed approach which you might call wedding photojournalism but with a creative an artistic approach.



Peaky Blinders Inspired Wedding at The Four Seasons Hampshire

I photographed lots of weddings and from my experience, I can say one thing: time flies on your wedding day! The last thing I'd want is to steal that precious time with your family and friends from you. That's why the wedding timeline is so important to me so we can be sure nothing will be missed and that we will have everything under control.

As you might know, a big part of traditional wedding photography is about staged and posed photos. That takes time and to be honest I don't find it flattering at all. It could be just me but the moment I'm aware a camera is pointing at me I start making those weird faces ha! But no, I can say that happens to a lot of people and actually it is a real concern for a lot of them, In fact, it's one of the first things they express during the consultation and they are really worried about it. I don't blame them!

That's why I do prefer a more natural and contemporary approach. And the reason behind this, is that when we're in love we don't fake anything with our other half, so why we should pose our wedding photos? One thing is clear, during your wedding day you don't have to do anything in order to express the happiness your experiencing because you're truly happy, you're truly loved and you're in the company of the most important people for you: your family, your friends and your partner.



Wedding Group Photo of Mother of the Bride and Bride

This is the only part of the wedding day that we pose or stage, the group shots you chose for your wedding day with the family members and friends you want. I usually recommend around 10 to 15 groups to be safe as this takes more time than you might think and it's quite stressing (and fun I might say) because always somebody is missing or in the toilet. Obviously, group photos are completely optional, so if you don't want to have family formals or group photos on your wedding day we won't do them.

The way we prepare for the group photos is quite simple, 45 days before the wedding day you receive your wedding details questionnaire with a lot of questions about the wedding day. This is quite important to me as I have to know how the day is going to be and where I should be at each moment so I don't miss anything. In the same questionnaire, you can choose the group photos you want and also you name a person from your wedding party so they can help me gathering people for each group photo. This way everything runs smoother and it's easier for everyone.



Obviously, you have a budget for your wedding day and if not please do! I know that's the most boring part of planning a wedding but having a spreadsheet of every single vendor and cost helps a lot. Wedding photography pricing varies from photographer to photographer and also it depends on what the wedding photography packages include. The wedding photographer cost depends also on quality and experience so it could be daunting sometimes with so many things and so many options. However, I like things simple and I do like to make it as easier as possible for my couples. I only have 3 packages which I like to call experiences as that's why I offer... a stress-free experience and high and tasteful customer service.

Queensberry DUO Wedding Album White Contemporary Leather and Black Square Cover Motif with names and date
Queensberry DUO Wedding Album Interior Layout featuring wedding rings and wedding dress

You can know everything about my wedding photography packages BOOKING YOUR FREE CONSULTATION. We will have a relaxed time in my showroom in Basingstoke or if you're busy or far from Hampshire we can FaceTime or Skype. However, I always recommend that you make the effort to come and meet me in person because you're investing in something really intimate and important such as memories, so I do think you must meet your wedding photographer in person before booking to see if the person you're putting your trust in is a perfect match for you. When you hire a wedding photographer you must feel comfortable with him/her because you're gonna spend quite a lot of time together.

You can also learn more about my wedding photography pricing on the PRICING page.


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One of the questions I often come across is to describe my approach to capturing a LOVE story. I prefer to say LOVE story rather than wedding day because I just don’t capture your big day like a photojournalist, I capture a whole story. From the beginning of the day to the end, focusing on the smallest details, those who are almost unnoticeable and others can’t see. And not just on the wedding day but also on the pre-wedding or engagement session. I don’t try to be unnoticed on your big day, I simply am. I’m just another guest and I will be hidden among them. That’s the method I use to capture beautiful and unrepeatable moments you will share with your loved ones for a lifetime. Additionally, I do believe in casually posed portraits. After the ceremony, I like to spend an hour alone with you both (depending on the available time) taking some artistic candid shots.


If you take a look at my logo it says in Latin “Si vis amari ama” that means “If you want to be loved, love”. I know what it’s love, I love and I’m really fortunate to be loved in return. I do love wedding photography because thanks to the love stories I tell through my images, I've at last found something completely meaningful to work with, something that could thrill with just a glance. That’s my aim, to thrill and to be thrilled by my clients, being a witness of their love story.


I don't take the typical shots (except "family formals"). I'm always pushing myself to go the extra mile, to stay fresh. I love to shot through different objects and play with reflections, light and shadows to create artistic and dramatic images. Additionally, thanks to my fashion background I know how to find your best image and I have a clear idea about how to use and control the available light.

On the other hand, I believe in giving to each of my couples an all inclusive and dedicated experience, with special care on the albums, prints, canvas and frames I deliver to them. All my products are from high-end companies, designed to impress and thrill.


When we meet for the very first time I will want to know some details of your wedding day and overall, what aspects are important for you both. Days later, if you decide to give me the privilege of documenting your wedding we will start the experience. A contract and a form are sent to you to fill online. On the form you will find some questions about you both: how you met, details about your wedding, required "family formals" etc...

Then, a timeline is designed and discussed two months prior your wedding. Two weeks before your big day we go through the timeline again to adapt it for the last time changes. And finally, after your wedding, we will meet for the last consultation where you see all your wedding images for the very first time. I will help you to make some decisions for your wedding album and we'll pick the most beautiful images. One month later you will receive your beautiful wedding album but I will stay here for you. Ultimately, from the first consultation to years after the wedding... I will be here.


They are people who appreciate photography and they are willing to invest in memories. Some of them are shy, some of them don’t like to have their picture taken while others are more extroverted. They come from different countries, they have different cultural backgrounds and finally, they love his/her partner regardless of gender. They have one thing in common, they have never worked with a professional photographer before but they want to have their LOVE story documented in a unique, extraordinary and artistic way.